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Sponsor Scholarships for "ROCKET GIRLS"

Scholarships for Future "Rocket Girls" will include:

Our CyberSpace Camps at the Kennedy Space Center will have "Launch Pads" for our Rocket Girls provisioned with technology instead of traditional "Desks" Your Sponsorship of a Scholarship for "Books" will place copies of Nathalia Holt's wonderful book "Rise of the Rocket Girls" and Margot Lee Shetterly's inspiring book "Hidden Figures" on one (or more) of their 'Launch Pads' These two books are available from Amazon for under $24 total as a supporting scholarship donation.

The "Amazon High Definition Fire Tablet Scholarship"

Your support for the "Amazon Fire Tablet Scholarships" will place an Amazon Fire Tablet on one (or more) Rocket Girl's Launch Pad to use during activities at camp and to take home with them at the end of their camp. An $80 contribution will sponsor an Amazon Fire Tablet for one "Rocket Girl" -- Sponsoring Amazon Fire Tablets for an entire class of 12 "Rocket Girls" would be a fabulous scholarship gift and could run under $720

The "Google ChromeBook Scholarship"

Your support for the "Google Chromebook Scholarship" will provide a very nicely provisioned Chromebook for a "Rocket Girls" Launch Pad for use during camp exercises and to take home after camp. A very capable TouchScreen Chromebook can be purchased for under $280

Our "Rocket Girl" Tuition Scholarships

Your support for Our "Rocket Girls" Tuition Scholarships will help fund our CyberSpace Camp expenses such as travel for our all volunteer CyberSpace Security, Privacy and Good Citizen Camp Mentors and Leaders coming from across the nation..

We expect that no "Rocket Girl" will have to pay any costs whatsoever to attend our CyberSpace Camps.

An extremely generous donation to our "Tuition Scholarship Fund" of over $1,000 has already been made to support all travel expenses for any "Hidden Figures" or "Rocket Girls" like those pioneering and inspirational women featured in the books (and the movie) of the same name . . . Thank You Dyann Bradbury for this tremendous "Fuel" for our Rocket Girls ! !

CyberSpaceCamps.Org Supporters

Our CyberSpace Camp Supporters include Women and Men in Leadership Positions in the CyberSecurity Field

Our Educational Tribute to the NASA “Rocket Girls”

Dedicated Educators

Our CyberSpace Camp “Launch Team” includes world- class CyberSecurity professionals  including CISO’s, CyberSecurity Educators and Industry Leaders.

First-Rate Course Offerings

Our CyberSpace Camp ‘Hands-Online’ and Team Activities will give our “Rocket Girls” opportunities to develop skills in Smartphone ‘Smart-Security’ and Forensics, Building Privacy Enclaves, Networking with CyberSecurity Mentors and Professionals, Social Networking Good Citizenship Habits and Ethics, Exercises in our ‘Counter-Bullying ‘Dojo’, Basic Web Page Coding and Strong Online Researching Skills. 

We will be coordinating with leadership of STEM programs

in the "Space Coast"area and with educators and citizen groups  interested in Online Safety locally and beyond. 



Over 20 years ago I chaired the first public safety  professionals’ panel to testify before the US Congress (the House Science Committee) about protecting our youth in the online world and social networks. 

Our Mission

Our team of CyberSecurity professionals is  launching an educational tribute to the early NASA and JPL women mathematicians (sometimes called “Computers”) who were inspirationally featured in both the “Hidden Figures” movie and the book “Rocket Girls”  

We have been inspired by the pioneering work of women in computing such as the “Rocket Girls” and the NASA “Computers” and also by women such as the late Admiral Grace Hopper, who is one of my personal heroes. 

Our group of CyberSecurity professionals have been invited by The Global Institute for Cybersecurity Research and Global Situational Awareness Center at the Kennedy Space Center to launch CyberSpace Camps for junior and senior high girls at the amazing Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Memorial Foundation Education Complex this year. 

Our CyberSpace Camp ‘Hands-Online’ and Team Activities will give “Rocket Girls opportunities to develop skills in Smartphone ‘Smart-Security’ and Forensics, Building Privacy Enclaves, Networking with CyberSecurity Mentors and Professionals, Social Network Good Citizenship Habits and Ethics, Exercises in our ‘Counter-Bullying ‘Dojo’, Basic Web Page Coding and Strong Online Researching Skills. 

Launch planning for the two day Camps for “Rocket Girls” is in a countdown phase as we are lining up Camp activities and Curriculum with a mission to provide our “Rocket Girls” with skills and Confidence to enhance their safety on Social Media, prevent bullying, provide greater skills for configuring their Smartphones for greater privacy and security and to promote good Cyber-Citizenship Online. Our 🚀Launch Team consists of recognized CyberSecurity leadership from academia, government and industry.

Our Mission at CyberSpace Camp has *always* had a strong focus on what I have called the new paradigm “STEM(+)” which steps the STEM concept UP to include online and social networking SAFETY, PRIVACY AND ETHICS. In communications with the past national director of the STEM program at the US Department of Education, Russel Shilling, I learned that the core charter of STEM was, of course, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. What was *not* a major focus in the STEM charter and curriculum was a strong focus on SAFETY, PRIVACY or ETHICS in the online world of the Internet as a community where our youth spend so much of their lives. This is exactly what our STEM(+) concept does. It embraces, Online Safety, Privacy and Good Citizenship practices and Ethics. 

My great concerns for the safety of our nation’s youth led me to chair the very first public safety professionals’ panel to testify before Congress over 20 years ago about protecting our kids on the Internet (which is exactly where our kids too often over share personal information which can be abused by corporations which fail to respect their own privacy policies to protect their “users”). 

My Congressional panel included a then state prosecutor, Lee Hollander, and a state ‘Cybercop’ Michael Geraghty (who later served as the CTO at the NCMEC - TheMissing.Org). We testified before the House Science Committee along with Internet Luminaries like Ann Duval, whose company developed one of the first Internet safety programs for parents called “Surf Watch”.

I am a former EFF.ORG member and am pleased to see that the EFF and other privacy rights groups have been enlightening the public about the degradation of privacy rights online (read that as on the “Internet”) 

It’s about time that Congress begin considering the importance of a new paradigm for STEM which includes online Safety, Privacy and Good Citizenship. Our CyberSpace Camp Curriculum will have a very strong focus on STEM(+) in our Camps which commence this Sumner at the Kennedy Space Center, 

Decades ago I coined the term “Cybercop” as was reported in the 1995 US News and World Report cover story “Policing CyberSpace” Cybercop’s are sentries on the “Thin Blue Digital Line” between the public and the “Denizens of the Dark Net” It behooves us all as parents, families, communities and a nation to help protect our youth from the untrammeled and uncontrolled selling and trafficking in personal information of our youth (and adults as well) which is being collected, analyzed and brokered without their consent or knowledge to parties and corporations totally unknown or disclosed to our kids or their parents. 

Thanks to the EFF, our STEM(+) curriculum at the Kennedy Space Center CyberSpace Camps will be teaching our “Rocket Girls” about how to enable settings on their social media accounts to give them greater control over how and where their personal information can be 'marketed' @ cyberspacecamps.org 

I’m very pleased that so many friends (“Usual Suspects”) have joined in supporting our mission for “Rocket Girls” at the Kennedy Space Center. 

Our mission is a worthy and honorable one. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and willingness to launch a new program at the amazing Kennedy Space Center ! 

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